Street Self Defense 3 DVD Set with Rorion & Royce Gracie

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GRACIE STREET SELF-DEFENSE is a no nonsense approach to street survival. This 3 set video series addresses the most common types of stand-up aggression and shows you simple techniques to control your opponent.This step-by-step video program is designed for men and women of all sizes and physical abilities. These tapes will give you the tools to protect yourself in virtually any situation - from blocking a simple punch to disarming a knife or gun attacker.

Vol 1: CHOKES, BEAR HUGS, GRABS, WEAPON (CLUB): Rorion and Royce show you moves to deal with the nightmare of chokes and the powerful brawler who tries to crush you in a bear hug. Included in this valuable tape are the special defenses against attacks with a club which students of Jiu-Jitsu worldwide have been demanding.

Vol 2: STRIKES, PINNED AGAINST A WALL, WEAPON (KNIFE): If you have to defend yourself from a punch or kick in a fight, here are the Gracie secrets which will help you punish an attacker with no damage to yourself. Then learn from the Gracie brothers how to control an attacker who traps you against a wall (very valuable in a bar fight). Finally, learn how Rorion and Royce deal realistically with the most dangerous attack of all, the assault with a knife.

Vol 3: HEADLOCKS, SHOULDER GRABS, WEAPON (GUN): Learn a fool-proof way to escape from the most common attack of all in a street fight... the headlock. You'll also master simple techniques if someone grabs you by the shoulder to intimidate you. Then finish by learning the gun defense that Rorion and Royce teach to the world's elite operatives in law enforcement and military. You are learning gun defenses from the world's best teacher!

Bonus Features on Each DVD Include :

• Ryron and Rener Gracie, third generation Gracie Family members, sharing some of the most recent technical innovations, strategies and training tips to complement the teachings from the original instructional series. These new features are guaranteed to take your understanding of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the next level.

• The Gracie Museum –Travel in time with Rorion Gracie, as he shares with you the history of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu through a rare look at original photos, memorabilia and newspaper clippings dating back to the early 1930’s. Understand the roots of the world’s largest sports family.