Special Agent Combative Course 2 Disc Set with Derek Smith

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A 23 year military veteran who has served in THREE of the armed services. (Very rare.) Navy… Special Agent with the Air Force top secret (and super elite) special investigations unit… and the Army criminal investigations division. Black Belts in two different martial arts styles and trains “in deep” with over 7 others… he grew up on the south side of Chicago where you had to fight daily to survive.

He was chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense, the President (past and current)… as well as to perform the kind of undercover, counter-intelligence stuff that you see portrayed in Hollywood movies. Derek Smith is one of the government’s most trusted and respected “official” bone-crunchers… and he came to me to help him share his best fighting secrets with YOU!

Having been in life threatening combat scenarios Derek Smith understands clearly what will work in the dojo vs. what will work in the streets or in the “field”. His experience has served him well to create a system that he now teaches to operatives preparing to head out “into the field”. I mean… this guy is NOTORIOUS among the people in this world who sometimes have to kill for a living.

Disc 1: Special Agent Combative Course DVD
Disc 2: Stealth Surveillance Tactics CD
1 DVD 1 Audio, 191 Minutes