SHOOT Vol 3 Fighting Techniques DVD by Alejandro Iglesias

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In this new work on the SHOOT SYSTEM, our main stars are its instructors, the people who have dedicated their life to teaching SHOOT, that had the courage to take an important life step towards their true vocation and work today as professionals and have proved to the world that it is possible to live as a worthy self defense instructor. In this DVD each manager of the 41 SHOOT Academies that exist today will show you some of the techniques from the Basic SHOOT course, examples that contemplate each and every of the different ranges of fighting that can be applied against an unarmed opponent, always under the most real life based techniques where this system has proven over and over again their effectiveness after competing in international championships with different styles of combat. Strikes, throws, locks and chokes are absolutely effective, but very easy to learn and apply, taught and shown by these professional instructors in this DVD.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French