Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan Form Tao Lu DVD by Shi Miaozhi

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Shifu Shi Miaozhi , is one of the best teachers who have emerged from the best generation of teachers of Shaolin , and he is a highly respected student of Master Shi de Yang. In this DVD he is going to introduce one of the most characteristic forms of the Shaolin style, Xiao Hong Quan . The origin of this Tao Lu is halfway between a historical reality and a legend. It is centuries-old but today it is still considered essential in the teaching of this martial art , because it contains the essence of Shaolin Gong Fu and is a good tool for learning the method of the Great Palm, Zhang Fa Palm Techniques. One of it´s main features is that it is famous for its effectiveness in real combat . Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan could be defined as a Tao Lu whose development is accurate and with rhythm, the technique is powerful and strong, and when executed properly you could say it is like the wind . This is Tao Lu basic steps and movements from other types of Gong Fu . It can be said that it has a full set of combinations of techniques based on the movement of the hands, legs, eyes, step  and footwork, and the whole system of theory and practice on the offensive and defensive projections. The DVD includes warm ups , a training routine at different speeds and angles , and step by step techniques for self-defense applications . A routine that anyone interested in learning this martial art should know in depth.

Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français