Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Seminar Series by Roger Wehrhahn (2 Volumes Available)

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This seminar series begins with an in depth look at the first Kata of the Keshi ryu, Mae Iagoshi, the first Kata of the Hasegawa Eishin Ryu, Yokogumo and the first Tachi and Kodachi Kata of the Nihon Kendo Kata! Each Kata is presented in its original form then examined as to further possible variations.

The Hasegawa Eishin Ryu is a crouching style performed from Tate Hiza. In this video, I present alternative methods of applying the Kata from Iai Goshi as well as standing! These variations are a must for anyone that might have an injury or are just having trouble getting up and down from the floor.

​Next, the first six steps of the 20 step continuous flowing bokken kumitachi drill based on the techniques of the Nihon Kendo Kata are taught with evasive body movements. Kodachi Kata Ipponme (short sword #1) is taught in it's formal method then with trapping and multiple advancedcountering techniques!

Each lesson contains 2 disc's with over 2 hours of instruction. The entire set of the videos will contain approximately 22 hours of instruction! The Kata are presented exactly as they were taught to me by my teacher Mitsuzuka Takeshi, Sensei.

DVD 1: Keshi Ryu-Mae Igoshi HER-Yokogumo NKK-Tachi Ipponme #1 NKK Kodachi-Ipponme
DVD 2: Keshi Ryu-Muso Gaeshi HER-Tora no Issoku NKK-Tachi Nihonme #2 NKK Kodachi-Nihonme

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Randy Davis
Lesson 1, Kesha ryu, Hasegawa Eishin ryu, Nohon Kendo kata

The material was presented very well! Clearly articulated, visually accessible and taught in a relaxed manner! I am very happy and inspired to study more! Thank you