Sambo Jiu-jitsu Fusion Vol 1: Throws & Takedowns DVD by Vladislav Koulikov

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Vladislav Koulikov has been training in the Russian martial art of Sambo from a very young age in Moscow. Since moving to the USA, he has trained and competed in submission grappling & wrestling. Now he is here to put it all together for you just sharing what works and discarding what does not. In this volume, Vlad teaches his highest percentage take downs and throws.

Throws and Takedowns
1. Intro
2. Duck under to claw
3. Duck under to leg prop #1
4. Throw vs. duck under
5. Pinched headlock to rear trip or sweeping hip throw
6. Reverse headlock
7. Inverted fireman carry
8. Single leg to cradle
9. Knee slide finish for double leg take down
10. Double under hooks to leg prop
11. Over under clinch to front trip/two inside trips
12. Ouchi Gari
13. Kouchi Gari
14. Grapevine throw

Over Under Clinch Combos
15. Inside trip to outer trip
16. Inside trip to lateral trip
17. Under hook to far knee tap or single leg
18. Lateral revolution
19. Duck under to leg prop #2

Single Leg Defense
20. Inside trip
21. Inner thigh throw
22. Front trip
23. Sweeping hip throw
24. Over the head throw
25. Kimura throw


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