Russian Systema: Breath & Body DVD by Vladimir Vasiliev

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Systema offers unique drills to raise your athletic abilities, overcome fatigue, reduce stress,
accelerate recovery, and enhance your life.

Vladimir Vasiliev, chief Systema HQ Toronto instructor and founder, guides you through the functional and intuitive breathwork and bodywork.
See how to unite breath with movement in every task, how to take yourself far beyond the standard workouts to revive and empower every cell of your body.

Use simple body manipulations to remove the tension of training and everyday stress.
Prevail over self pity and low energy. Gain stamina and emotional control.

DVD Menu Chapters:


  • Nose and Mouth
  • Sufficiency
  • Breath Hold Location
  • Inhale-Exhale Transition
  • Breath Through Body Parts
  • Independence
  • Stretching of Breath
  • Stretching of Body
  • Breath Through Tension
  • Breath Through Static Exercise
  • Slowing Breath and Exercise
  • Restore with Breath
  • Slow Core Exercise


  • Visceral Pressures
  • Push-to-Relax
  • Bodyweight Massage
  • Palm Stretch

1 hour 12 min