Rock & Roll (American Prison Fighting) DVD with James Painter

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James Painter did 37 months in the federal prison system (for possession of a sawed-off shotgun) where he quickly discovered that his black belts did him absolutely NO GOOD AT ALL inside those cramped prison walls. This shocked and dismayed him - and because he was "targeted" early by some lifers (who had nothing to lose by killing him), he had just one choice: Find a way to fight that worked in tight spaces, against multiple attackers.

James had to beg fellow inmate "Skip" for months before earning the "right" to learn his amazing "Rock N Roll" prison fighting system. And it saved his life. Only 5 guys on earth currently know this system -- and 4 are serving life sentences. Now YOU can learn it too. How to instantly drop ANYONE who picks a fight with you... a split-second moves that will leave him completely wasted on the ground, unable to fight back... moves that will devastate anyone who has surprised you... super-painful, special "soft" targets. You'll be the most FEARED person in the room.

Bonus section on prison weapons.

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