Ralph Gracie 9 DVD Set

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NEW LOW PRICE! For over eighty years, the innovative techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu have proven themselves unstoppable. Learn the same moves that Ralph has used to make himself and others champions. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the fastest growing martial art today. You will be ahead of the competition with the knowledge you gain from these detailed videos.

Video #1 - Finish from the Mount
We've all seen Ralph finish from the mount! Now he will take you step by step on how to finish your opponent from the mount!

Video #2 - Open Guard Sweeps and Attacks
Learn how to turn the tables on your opponents and surprise them by sweeping or finishing.

Video #3 - Jiu-Jitsu Leg Attacks
Ralph takes you through his favorite leg attacks, new and old.

Video # 4 - Attacking from the guard.
Always Attack. Ralph's #1 rule. Learn to make your guard more aggressive and effective.

Video # 5 - Side and Back Attacks
Imagine having Ralph Gracie on your back. Ralph will show you how to finalize from the guard.

Video #6 - Vale Tudo Takedowns & Closing the Distance
This tape shows explains why Ralph is so effective at taking his opponents down. He shows you step by step how to close the distance and take down your opponent down to finish the fight.

Video #7 - Vale Tudo Passing Guard & Side Control
This tape shows you step by step how to pass the guard and finish your opponent.

Video #8 - Vale Tudo The Mount & Back
On this tap Ralph will share his secrets on his preferred finishing moves. As a BONUS he will explain techniques he used in his actual fights.

Video #9 - Vale Tudo Guard
Being caught on the bottom and not know what to do is the most dangerous position in Vale Tudo. Ralph explains the importance of the Vale Tudo Jiu-Jitsu Guard and reviews his personal strategies.

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