Principles of the Sword & Saotome's First Five Kumitachi 2 DVD Set with George Ledyard

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Shot at a seminar at Aikido of Diablo Valley, the first DVD covers general principles of the sword while the second DVD takes Mitsugi Saotome Sensei's Kumitachi 1 - 5 and dissects each form showing not just how to do the form itself but what the movements within the form could really be when executed in a martial contest. The principles presented in these videos are applicable to aiki sword in general and are not specific to Saotome Sensei's particular style.

Disc 1 contents:
Basic sword kamae
Deflections & cuts

Disc 2 contents:
Detailed analysis of the five kumitachi

George Ledyard began his aikido studies in the late 1970's under Mitsugi Saotome and has continued training under his guidance ever since he is the chief instructor of Aikido Eastside and a founding member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.