Principles of the Entry Vol 1 by George Ledyard (On demand)

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Filmed at the Alamo City Aikikai in San Antonio, this 3 volume set contains both demonstration and lecture material on the principles involved in the various "Entries" in Aikido. It covers body mechanics, timing, perception, energetic and psychological aspects. As in the sword videos, Ledyard Sensei analyzes the whole process of meeting the attack in the Aikido interaction in minute detail. If you want to understand what makes high level technique work, then this video is a unique presentation of these principles. There is no other Aikido video out there like this one!


Areas covered in this 3 volume set:


  • Principle of irimi

  • Aiki explained

  • Ki musubi

  • Ma-ai and de-ai

  • Proper ukemi

  • Rotation resolves conflict

  • Fudoshin

  • Receiving power

  • And more...

George Ledyard began his Aikido studies in 1976 under Mitsugi Saotome and has continued training under his guidance ever since. He is the chief instructor of Aikido Eastside and is a founding member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.


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