Premium BJJ Gi Belt by Kaizen Athletic

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These premium gi belts are made of high quality gi material. Not only does this give the belts a nice look, but it also means more friction to keep the belt tied and more durability so it lasts through years of abuse!

The premium gi belts come in the following colors: blue, purple, brown, and black.

Kaizen Belt Size Chart

Size Length
A1 107 Inches
A2 113 Inches
A3 120 Inches
A4 124 Inches
A5 132 Inches

Customer Reviews

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Black part where stripes goes fell apart

Bummed out

Love this belt

I love this belt. I first got it at my blue and was very stoked, very durable and looks sharp too! I got it again at purple. I will for sure buy it again for my brown belt.

I hope they will continue to produce these as they are fantastic.

Great Belt

Bought one of these when i received my blue belt... Really happy with the product its comfortable and durable... Its quite expensive in my opinion but so far im happy with the product.

Highly Impressed

Bought this 'cause I wanted a higher quality belt as my brown belt. This obi is awesome! Its a little wider than most belts, and its pretty stiff, so itll need to break in a bit. The material is really cool and it feels like a tank, I think itll last a long time. If youre an intermediate-advanced player I think you need this belt, because everyone knows style and looks are just as (if not MORE) important than your techniques! Just kidding (but not really) Oss.

The best

Ive been training for 6 years and wanted a quality purple belt to last me until brown. I went to the budovideos store and looked at all of the belts they had and this is the best one. I like the look and feel of the gi material.