Passing, Back Takes & Finishes Vol. 4 with JT Torres (On Demand)

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Discover the secrets that have allowed JT Torres to pass, take the back, and submit more high level opponents than any other known competitor on earth in high level competition. Since 2005 JT Torres has submitted over 500 people with chokes from the back. Take your training with you everywhere you go and learn the formula that's helped make JT so successful!

Content Includes:

  • Basic Back Choke
  • Ezekiel Choke
  • Kimura Grip Armbar From Back
  • Kimura Grip To Triangle Armbar
  • Bow & Arrow Choke
  • Brabo / Ezekiel Choke From Back
  • Lapel Choke From Crucifix
  • Reverse Kimura
  • Kimura From Crucifix
  • Flying Bow and Arrow From Turtle
  • Clock Choke
  • Spinning Clock Choke

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