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One Against Many DVD by Branimir Tudjan 1


One Against Many DVD by Branimir Tudjan 1

One Against Many DVD by Branimir Tudjan

Paladin Press

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Most street fights aren’t the one-on-one, mano-a-mano duels made so popular in the movies and on television. If you’re being targeted by a street predator or an angry drunk, your assailant very likely has allies who will join the fight at the earliest opportunity. The problem is that the majority of self-defense programs haven’t truly addressed this likelihood…until now. Former police officer and security professional Branimir Tudjan has survived several such encounters, and in this original video production from Paladin Press, he teaches you the tactics and strategies he used to keep himself alive. Using unique training methodologies and the perspective of a veteran fighter, he starts his program by showing you an array of brutal, fight-stopping strikes that will stun your attackers and allow you to use them as a shield to keep others from getting to you. He also teaches hard-hitting training drills focusing on developing lightning-fast footwork, fighting while disoriented, acquiring a winning mind-set and more. This DVD also includes a bonus supplement for law enforcement and security professionals on dealing with armed and resisting opponents.

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