Omo Plata Mastery Seminar Video by Nino Schembri (On Demand)

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Nino Schembri. 2 time world champion, MMA veteran, and a man whose name is synonymous with one technique - the OMO PLATA. In this seminar filmed at his Manhattan Beach academy, Nino will personally teach you over a dozen ways to Omo Plata the hell out of your opponent.

-Omoplata from mount
-Omoplata from side control
-Omoplata from knee on belly
-Omoplata from armbar
-Omoplata from armbar escape
-Reverse omoplata from turtle
-Fallback omoplata
-Omoplata counter from omoplata
-Finishing the omoplata
-More Omoplata Finishes
-Omoplata control shoulder lock on opposite side
-Omoplata to armbar
-Armlock from kesagatame  reversal
-Getting the crucifix from sweep
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