Omo Plata and the Dynamic Guard DVD by Stephan Kesting

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Omo Plata is a newly rediscovered grappling technique that has revolutionized groundfighting and is all the rage on the mat these days! More than just an incredibly versatile jointlock, this technique is also a reversal and an awesome setup for other sweeps and submissions.
  • Volume 1: Setups and Entries
  • Volume 2: Finishes, Followups and Counters
Contents of this 2 volume instructional set include:
  • Over 30 effective setups and counters
  • Over 20 finishes, follow-ups and submissions
  • 10 counters you need to know
  • Techniques that work with and without the gi
  • Strategy and timing underlying the techniques
  • Drills and developmental exercises to make the techniques natural and instinctive
These are tapes that aspiring intermediate or advanced level grapplers cannot be without. They are tightly edited, packed with information to improve your ground game, and are a great dollar-per-technique value! Live competition footage illustrates how these techniques work in 'real life'.