Near Side Underhook Pass by Shawn Williams (On Demand)

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The near side underhook passing technique is probably one of the most under utilized half guard pass in BJJ. The position is rather unorthodox and goes against everything you probably already know about the half guard but try it and you will soon see why it is Shawn Williams favorite half guard pass.

Content includes:

    1.    Intro
    2.    The near side underhook
    3.    How to establish the near underhook from half guard
    4.    Correct driving and head position
    5.    Driving leg to mount or side
    6.    Grapevine method
    7.    Grapevine method to beat the lockdown
    8.    Top side butterfly hook method
    9.    Using Top side butterfly hook to knee cut to opposite side & egg beater
    10.    Taking the back
    11.    Other positions to get the near side underhook
    12.    Technique recap


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Leg Work

Easily one of the best instructionals I have, Shawn Williams is very detail oriented and breaks down the weight distribution & limb position/movement for this pass.