Navy Seal Combat Training 6 DVD Set with Frank Cucci

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In this dynamic series, Seal Team Instructor Frank Cucci personally teaches the stances, footwork, combat punching techniques, equipment training, and numerous defensive combat techniques of his lethal self-defense system.
Also learn street fighting combinations and takedowns, knife fighting techniques and stick fighting. Concludes with an exclusive interview with Frank Cucci.

DVD 1: Seal Team Hand to Hand Combat Training: Focuses on stances, footwork, combat punching, equipment training and defensive combat.

DVD 2: Seal Team Hand to Hand Combat Training: Focuses on foot jabs, leg kicks, switch kicks, knee techniques, elbow strikes and more.

DVD 3: Seal Team Hand to Hand Combat Training: Focuses on street fighting combos, takedowns and applying finishing holds.

DVD 4: Seal Team Knife Fighting Combat Techniques: Focuses on long and close range blocks and strikes along with training exercises and more.

DVD 5: Seal Team Stick Fighting Combat Techniques: Focuses on ranges of combat, fighting combos, chokes, disarms and more.

DVD 6: Seal Team Member Frank Cucci Up Close: Frank talks about how military hand to hand combat relates to street fighting and discusses his theory on what works and what doesn't.

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