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Muay Thai Program 1st to 4th Khan by Emilio Becker (On Demand)

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Few contact sports are as hard, spectacular, and demanding as Muay Thai. The toughness of the training, the power of its circular kicks, the devastating use of the elbows, along with the ritual of the Wai Kruu, and the intensity of the fights, always to traditional Thai music, created a mythical image of power, physical depth, and determination. Recently, the Thai authorities and the Muay Thai circles of Masters joined forces to organize and systematize this beautiful and spectacular Martial Art, under the protection of the IAMTF (International Amateur Muay Thai Federation). In this first project, Emilio Becker, Muay Thai Master and member of the European Committee of the World Muay Thai Council, presents to us the technical program necessary to get through the first four Khan, or Muay Thai grades: Guard, Assessment, and Movements. Fist, elbow, knee, leg, and grappling techniques. Defensive organization, Ram Muay and Mai Muay Thai, the traditional techniques of self-defense. Learn about the system elaborated by the IAMTF in order to progress in this thousand-year old Martial Art. For the first time, a method unified worldwide.
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