Morihiro Saito: The Lost Seminars DVD 5

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This is the fifth volume of a DVD series presenting important historical footage of Morihiro Saito from his active years conducting seminars in Japan and abroad. The footage you will see in this program is from a weekend seminar Saito Sensei taught in 1991 at Sunset Cliffs Aikido in San Diego, California.

The material covered in this program includes the complete series of morotedori kokyuho exercises, numerous ushiro ryotedori and eridori techniques, and—a special treat—the rarely seen ninindori series, advanced techniques against two opponents. Without doubt, this program makes a significant contribution to the steadily growing catalog of techniques of Saito Sensei available on DVD.
Contents include:
Seminar in San Diego, California - September 14-15, 1991

Tai no henko ▪ tai no henko ki no nagare ▪ morotedori kokyuho ▪ ninindori kihon ▪ ninindori - chest grab from behind ▪ ninindori - when pulled ▪ ninindori - when pulled backward ▪ ushiro ryotedori kokyuho ▪ ushiro ryotedori kokyunage ▪ ushiro ryotedori kokyunage oyowaza ▪ ushiro eridori ikkyo omote ▪ ushiro eridori kokyunage ▪ ushiro eridori iriminage ▪ ushiro eridori iriminage ki no nagare ▪ ushiro eridori shihonage ▪ ushiro eridori kotegaeshi ▪ ushiroeri katatedori iriminage ▪ Ken tai Jo demo.