Morihiro Saito: The Lost Seminars DVD 4

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This is the fourth volume of a DVD series presenting important historical footage of Morihiro Saito from his active years conducting seminars in Japan and abroad. The footage you will see in this program is from a weekend seminar Saito Sensei taught in 1989 at Sunset Cliffs Aikido in San Diego, California.
This DVD includes many techniques from ryotedori, shomenuchi, and morotedori attacks. Saito Sensei also gives a detailed presentation of nikyo techniques and seldom-taught releases from a variety of ushiro holds. With the release of each DVD of the “Lost Seminars” series, the body of technical information on Saito Sensei’s teaching methodology grows to the benefit of practitioners everywhere.
Contents include:
Seminar in San Diego, California - September 9-11, 1989

Tai no henko ▪ morotedori kokyuho ▪ ushiro ryotedori releases ▪ nikyo variations including: munadori nikyo ▪ katatedori nikyo ▪ morotedori nikyo ▪ ushirotori kokyunage ▪ shomenuchi ikkyo ▪ ushirodori releases ▪ ryotedori ikkyo ▪ ryotedori shihonage omote ▪ happogiri ▪ ryotedori shihonage ▪ ryotedori tenchinage ▪ ryotedori kokyunage ▪ ryotedori iriminage, etc.

All footage used in this production was graciously provided by Bernice Tom Sensei of Sunset Cliffs Aikido, San Diego, California.