Meditation for Martial Artists DVD with Stephen Hayes

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Customer Reviews

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Control Your Mind and Go Home Safe!

This DVD is unparalleled in the martial arts' world!

So many martial artists pay lip-service to "controlling the mind," but really don't deliver. Stephen K. Hayes delivers solidly, in this DVD.

Anshu Hayes will show you how your own mind can get in the way of your self-defense skills, and totally short-circuit your ability to respond effectively to the threat. Your mind can freeze-up, or over-ride you, and put you in real danger!

He gives solid examples that are valuable on the street- examples of how our own inner doubts and fears, our own delusional projections onto reality, different outer distractions that pull our attention, our own mind's inner diversions , and finally our own possible denial of what's actually happening, can ALL be used by a skilled attacker to defeat us.

Learn how to meditate, from a master martial arts meditator. Not a quick, 'sit for 5 minutes' plopped at the end of your martial arts class- this is real, solid meditation instruction and practice geared towards any martial artist, practicing any style, and delivered by a master-teacher.

This DVD, along with its companion DVD, can really help any martial artist to cut through the enemies created by your mind, and help you to take full control of your own mind and inner resources! INVEST IN YOURSELF, AND BUY THIS! (PLEASE-MAKE-MORE-OF-THESE- 'MIND' DVD's!!)


Good but no so much deep explanation of the meditation techniques