Mastering the Von Flue Choke DVD by James Clingerman

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On January 16th, 2006, Jason Von Flue shocked the world with an “Invisible” Choke! Not only did his opponent not see it coming, NO ONE SAW IT HAPPEN! This EASY TO MASTER choke, that now bares his name, left his opponent completely unconscious on live television, in front of millions of viewers! The amazing part was; NO ONE KNEW WHAT HE DID! Revealed HERE for the first time anywhere is the “Von Flue” choke taught in full detail. Less than a handful of instructors have even TRIED to explain the choke in detail. What’s even more amazing is; NO ONE has expanded or explored the options available from this “Invisible” Choke.

In this DVD you will discover:

*The Von Flue Choke explained with intricate details, not found anywhere else!
*How to use this simple technique to NEVER GET GUILLOTINED AGAIN!
*Multiple entrees into the choke that no opponent will see coming!
*How to transition from the Von Flue to other basic techniques you already know!
*Set-ups from fundamental techniques that even beginner students will recognize!