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Lucaylucay Kali JKD 4 DVD Set - Budovideos


Lucaylucay Kali JKD 4 DVD Set - Budovideos

Lucaylucay Kali JKD 4 DVD Set

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Featuring the late master, Ted Lucaylucay demonstrating his blend of Filipino Kali and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

DVD 1: Weapon Exercise Position. Angulation Theory. Parry & Safety Factors. Angles of Attack. Mobility. Static & Free-Flow Techniques. This is a classic martial arts instructional series that was made several years ago. 

DVD 2: Focus Gloves. Heavy Bag. Mok Jong. Kicking Shield. Double-End Bag. 5 Ways of Attack.

DVD 3: Timing/Rhythm Drills. Counterattack. Trapping Drills. Sensitivity Drills. Don Chi. Chi Sao.

DVD 4: Basic Knife Positions. Offensive/Defensive Training. Disarms & Takedowns. 12 Angles of Knife Attacks.

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