Leg Attack Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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Tom DeBlass’ jiu jitsu style is a perfect mix of old school and new school techniques.  His skills were forged in the early days of Team Renzo Gracie with icons like Renzo himself, brothers Ralph and Ryan, and his primary instructor Ricardo Almeida.  Tom DeBlass’ development didn’t end there. He has spend the last decade sharpening those tools alongside sub only killers Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan who are the cornerstones of the legendary Danaher Death Squad.

Even though leg locks continue to grow in popularity, many practitioners are still confused about where to start.  What is legal and what is not? What if I’m new to No Gi? Tom DeBlass is here to take you through all of his favorite foot attacks, from Achilles locks, to knee bars, and toe holds in a way that is easy for ANYONE to begin applying right away and start DOMINATING!

Leg Attack Domination is not just a series of techniques from static positions.  Tom DeBlass is going to show you all of his favorite entries to the leg attacks and show you ALL of the options you have once you are there.  No one can get you from watching the DVD to DOMINATING the mats faster than Tom DeBlass!

In the four volumes of Leg Attack Domination, Tom DeBlass is going to give you everything he knows about straight ankle locks, kneebars, and toe holds and then show you all of his successful, battle-tested entries to get to those positions and DOMINATE the submission.

Tom DeBlass is well known for his Half Guard prowess and in this series you are going to see all of these leg attacks shown from half guard, butterfly half guard, and deep half guard.  He is going to show you how to DOMINATE leg attacks during back takes, turtle attacks and even show you the most effective way to use other submission attacks to set up a DOMINATING leg finish.

There is no room for filler on this series.  Tom DeBlass is well known for being a straight shooter and in this series, you’re getting ALL of his favorite leg attacks in the most clear, easy to follow way that will have you going straight from your computer to the mats and have you DOMINATING Leg Attacks immediately.

Volume 1:

Achilles Lock Basics 

Grip Variation for Achilles Lock

Knee Bar Dynamics 

Knee bar setup from Achilles Lock 

Toe Hold Dynamics

Attacking legs from the Top

Volume 2:

Toe Hold from Half guard Top

Knee slice to knee bar and achilles 

Leg attacks from deep half 

Shutting down berimbolo with leg attacks 

Weak side half guard achilles 

Leg attack from back take

Leg attack from back take #2

Volume 3:

Closed guard knee bar

Half guard knee bar 

Butterfly guard to knee bar

Butterfly half guard knee bar/toe hold/calf slice 

Achilles defense to achilles lock

Neutral ashi attacks 

50/50 to achilles/toehold/knee bar

Volume 4:

Offensive turtle leg attacks 

Leg attacks from de la riva 

Bottom De La Riva leg attacks 

Achilles Control 

Half Guard Omoplata to Achilles/Knee Bar 

Kimura to Leg Attacks 


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