Lameco Hand to Hand & Stick Fighting 2 DVD Set with Felix Valencia

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Felix Valencia is a master of the Filipino Lameco style, and is famous for teaching FAST. You don't need any prior skills... you don't need to be in shape... you don't need to super-human strength or quickness. Felix can show you how to apply extremely painful locks, how to develop lightning-fast footwork, how to turn your hands into "claws of pain" much more!

You'll learn:

  • New - and extremely painful - joint locks no one's used in this country yet. (Very simple to learn, too.)
  • How to develop lighting-fast footwork, even if you're clumsy. (Use your own adrenaline dump to fuel the beast inside you.)
  • How to instantly turn your hands into "Claws of Pain", using simple but terrifying agony-intense moves to take your opponent to his knees in a split second.
  • How to turn any handy weapon into a stick-fighting tool... superior to blades. (Plus, you'll learn the Filipino Snake Wrap, which immobilizes any attacker and leaves him open to your easiest fight-ending move!)
  • How to paralyze an opponent where he stands... how to "pinch and drop" even a raging bull of a man with one easy move... finger-crushing tactics that leave him stunned and blinking in stupid awe... and how to destroy his fists without getting touched yourself.
  • And more.

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