Lameco Eskrima Essential Knife Vol 4 Pakawalan DVD with Dave Gould

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In this the fourth episode of the “Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife” series, Guro Dave Gould takes us through a very thorough presentation of the Hand Sectoring (Bantay-Kamay) sub-system of Lameco Eskrima. It is crucial that when presented with a knife attack the ability to isolate and contain your opponents knife hand as soon as possible is of great importance. This act alone will enhance by a great margin ones percentage of survival in confronting a knife attack and will lend itself to other options not readily available if the knife hand is not properly contained. As well Guro Dave Gould will lead us through essential weapon retention capabilities where life and death literally hang in the balance of you keeping your weapon in hand when forced to fight for life and limb in the streets. In addition Guro Dave Gould will share with you the very important non-cooperation training aspects of the system as well as sharing his thoughts on realistic ability to disarm a knife wielding attacker while being held fully accountable to consequences found in a realistic environment as governed by cause and effect. This DVD is a must see for any Martial Artist or anyone with an interest in knife combat.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French