Kyusho Pyramid Vol 2 with Mark Kline (On Demand)

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Kyusho Jitsu is not an Art in itself but an advanced part of each Martial Art; the principles that Grandmaster Mark Kline specifies in 2 videos will certainly help you increase the effectiveness of your martial discipline. Master Kline's apprenticeship with teachers such as George Dillman, Wally Jay and Remy Presas, among others, was immeasurable for his understanding of self-defense with or without weapons, through the strategies and concepts that he has coded in order to help us increase our efficiency, regardless of the style or training time. The PinPoint ® method is a strategic and tactical pressure points methodology, easy to learn and quick to implement. The 2 DVDs that make up this first work, present the 10 steps that will increase the effectiveness of any Martial Art. VOL-1 and VOL-2 sold separately. Contents:

Vol # 2: Anatomical Intuition, Transitions, Yin and Yang, Pressure Points & Anatomical Targets


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