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Kokkar Black Cobra II DVD by Omar Martinez Sesto 1


Kokkar Black Cobra II DVD by Omar Martinez Sesto 1

Kokkar Black Cobra II DVD by Omar Martinez Sesto

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Black Cobra II is a key name of one of Kokkar´s combat tactic program well known within the Special Forces of the U. S. Army. Because of its speed, powerful lethal capacity and neutralizing force, it has been rapidly been adopted by the world known Elite Force Navy SEAL. The quality of its existence and destiny have in the past barred access to its use and its practice, left only to the most qualified professional Forces, Corps and Special Units. Sergeant Fernando Bandini, Official Full-Instructor in the U.S.A in Police and Military Tactics and Director, and assigned to the European Kokkar Organization, will show us in this first video a selection of hand to hand combat, and empty hand combat against knife and knife against knife in the second video. The complete work is divided into two volumes, in which, for the first time, Black Cobra II is presented to the public.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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