Kodo Horikawa's Daito Ryu Vol 1 DVD with Takeo Nishikido

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Kodo Horikawa learned Daito Ryu under Sokaku Takeda. His richness of combinations and skills is now thoroughly demonstrated by his long-time student, Takeo Nishikido. The highlight is a bonus 8mm film of Kodo Horikawa demonstrating in his dojo!
Contents include:
  • Hazushite (breaking a grab)
  • Kotegaeshi (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)
  • Ryokatadori - absorbing a push with both hands
  • Women's techniques
    -Katatedori Kotegaeshi
    -Ushiro Katatedori
  • Ukemi
  • Aiki Age
  • Shihonage
  • Mune Aiki(Chest Aiki)
  • Atama Aiki (Head Aiki)
  • Hiza Aiki (Knee Aiki)
  • Ashi Aiki (Leg Aiki)
  • Freestyle
  • No Touch Aiki
  • Jo Aiki
  • 2 Person Grab
  • Aiki while lifted in the air
  • Aiki to immobilize uke
  • Special Bonus: Rare 8mm film of Kodo Horikawa


Language: Japanese 

Run time: 60 min.