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Kissaki-kai Karate-Do DVD by Vince Morris 1


Kissaki-kai Karate-Do DVD by Vince Morris 1

Kissaki-kai Karate-Do DVD by Vince Morris

Paladin Press

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Karate has long been considered a practical and effective form of unarmed self-defense. However, the sad truth is that most of the karate practiced today is so misguided, diluted and ritualistic that it can get you killed in a real fight. Fortunately, not all of karate's original combat value has been lost. Vince Morris has spent decades analyzing karate kata (forms) and cross-referencing their movements with his extensive knowledge of kyusho-jitsu (pressure-point striking - the Japanese/Okinawan equivalent of dim mak). The result is Kissaki-Kai, a branch of karate dedicated exclusively to the real combat application of traditional karate technique.

In this explosive video, Morris reveals the secrets of karate's real fighting technique and demonstrates its effectiveness through graphic, full-power striking demonstrations. Morris addresses all the critical elements of Kissaki-Kai, including its critical tactical principles (the "rules of combat"), its virtually unbeatable blocking technique, and the exact methods of stopping - and dropping - an opponent by striking the body's vital points. You haven't seen real karate until you've seen Kissaki-Kai.

Vince Morris is a world-renown expert in kyusho-jitsu (the Okinawan/Japanese version of dim-mak) and the founder of the Kissaki-Kai branch of karate. He also has years of experience adapting the most functional elements of his karate style to the needs of law enforcement officers and security personnel and has taught these specialized skills to government agencies all over the world.

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