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Keeping the Guard No Gi 4 DVD Set by Alec Baulding

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Keeping The Guard: How To Avoid Your Guard Getting Passed: No Gi By Alec Baulding teaches what was thought UNTEACHABLE!!!

  • 2018 ADCC East Coast Trials Champion Alec Baulding knows HOW TO KEEP THE GUARD
  • Precise details to give you the ability to defend against LARGER opponents!
  • Guard Retention is ESSENTIAL if you want to use ANY guard.
  • Drills and sparring sequences will give you the tools to STOP any PASSER
  • Start mastering guard retention

One of the most difficult realities to grasp for people beginning Jiu-Jitsu is that you have to be able to fight off of your back. The Guard has revolutionized fighting, in that it can give a smaller less athletic person a chance to not only survive but THRIVE! 

BUT keeping your guard can be quite the endeavor! Far too often the Guard Passer is able to secure grips, and proceed with their pass. Why is passing so effective?

Passing the guard has several advantages. One is that gravity is on the passer’s side! A good passer knows how to use this knowledge to smother your guard until they eventually slip to a more dominant position. Another advantage is it can be easier for the Guard Passer to create tempo with movement. A standing passer has enhanced mobility by staying on their feet. Causing misdirection with movement can create disaster for the guard player. So how can we keep our guard?

Enter Alec Baulding. FINALLY an athlete captures the crucial details to STOPPING the pass, and KEEPING the guard! Watching someone retain the guard can look like a confusing scramble. In that mayhem there are multiple micro battles that are taking place. Alec breaks down these battles into smaller, coherent techniques that ANYONE can perform. 

Keeping The Guard: How To Avoid Your Guard Getting Passed: No Gi By Alec Baulding is a 4 part instructional that peels back the curtain on the critical details to make guard retention not only viable but teachable. Alec is the current 2018 ADCC East Coast Trial Champion. He knows a thing or two about no-gi guard retention. If you have followed Alec’s social media presence something sticks out. He is an outstanding instructor, with an IMPECCABLE eye for detail.

Alec’s emphasis on detail, is what allows him to teach what many though UNTEACHABLE. Guard retention has always been one of those topics in Jiu-Jitsu that can be overlooked. You’ll hear a lot of things like “prevention is better than the cure” type of statements. Which basically says “hey don’t put yourself their and you won’t have your guard passed!” The reality is that good Guard Passers know how to create these situations that favor their passes. NO MORE!

Keeping The Guard provides the tactics utilized by Alec in a manner that can easily be implemented but also drilled. Each technique that is broken down can be replicated with some practice. Since Alec breaks down the mayhem into small usable parts it can give you a system that you can chain together to lead yourself back to your guard of choice.

Ineffective framing is another aspect of guard retention that is criminally overlooked in Jiu-Jitsu. Alec not only shows you what to do, but what NOT to do. Baulding demonstrates how people are commonly using the frames from various guard retention positions and shows how they can be defeated.

Framing is covered in great length from multiple positions. Having strong frames are could be the deciding factor in keeping your guard. This is especially important if you are fighting a larger opponent. Alec shows you how to frame with PINPOINT accuracy from positions like open guard, side control, and even north/south.