Karate of Chotoku Kyan Seibukan Karate DVD by Zenpo Shimabukuro

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Small of stature, karate master Chotoku Kyan developed a form of karate so effective it made his name a legend in Okinawa. From the early 1930s Zenryo Shimabukuro studied with Kyan sensei, and when he had mastered the art of his mentor, opened his own training hall, the Seibukan. In time he was succeeded by his son, our author, Zenpo.
Seibukan Shorin Ryu karate is a traditional, kata based system that retains complete combat effectiveness. The legacy of Kyan is still seen today in its speed, ferocity, and power - attributes that distinguish it from more modern karate systems.

According to Kyan sensei mastery of his art involved: "seventy per cent perspiration and thirty per cent inspiration." The modern student who follows the advice of this legendary martial artist will find the effort worthwhile, and the prize a rich one.

Contents: The History of the Seibukan; The kata of Chotohu Kyan; Passai, Chinto, Kusanku, Seisan, Anaku, Wanshu, Gojushiho, Wanchin. Performed by Zenpo Shimabukuro, 9th Dan, Seibukan