Kamiwaza: How to Train Budo Master Skills DVD 2 Kenjutsu & Iaijutsu by Tetsuzan Kuroda & Tatsuya Naka

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2 big stars in the martial arts world team up! Tetsuzan Kuroda is a lifelong martial artist having taught internationally for decades. Tatsuya Naka is a 7th degree Shotokan Karate black belt and has starred in many action movies.

In this DVD, which is the second volume [Kenjutsu Iai], you can practice to learn [the secret of straight-ahead slashing]. A total of 7 sword art Iaido play lessons, which are extracted from the main points of Kuroda Shihan's sword, which is praised as Shinsoku, are carefully recorded.

Not only martial arts, but also the depth as an ancient martial art that is different from modern martial arts. It is a must-see for enthusiasts who will thoroughly enjoy it.

■ Securing the right arm using a tool ... Move behind without moving the center of gravity
■ One-character waist (tai sabaki)
■ The secret point of head-to-head slashing
■ The secret of horizontal payment
■ Vertical sword (a straight sword with a foot handle)
■ Reverse inversion ... ① Vertical sword / ② Horizontal sword
■ Slashing straight ahead

Language: Japanese

Length: 68 min.