K.A.T.C.H Leg Attack System 4 DVD Set by Dean Lister

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This 4 DVD set will teach you all kinds of different leg attacks and set ups from one of the best in the business, Dean Lister. The K.A.T.C.H Leg Attack System is the most complete leg attack systems on DVD and is taught with competition tested methods. Dean Lister has shown time and time again, that his system can beat some of the best in the world.


  • Inside foot lock
  • Outside foot lock
  • The setup from inside the guard
  • Foot lock from strong closed guard
  • Entrances to the outside foot lock
  • Arm grind bonus for finish
  • Straight footlocker from 50/50 position


  • Theories on leg lock safety
  • Be careful who u train with
  • Corkscrew footlocker and setup
  • Basic straight heel hook from inside the guard
  • Reverse heel hook (inverted)
  • Knee compression Counter to the roll out escape
  • 4 closed circuit heel hooks positions


  • Toe hold fundamentals
  • Application of Toe Hold
  • Toe hold from dela riva
  • Toe hold finish from knee bar position
  • Rolling toe hold in open guard
  • Rolling toe hold in open guard Finish
  • Straight knee lock finishing details thumb vs big toe
  • Knee bar setup. Saulo ribeiro reference
  • Back step knee bar
  • Knee bar counter to Quarter guard
  • Leg sweep attach from the half guard
  • Closed circuit from knee lock detail
  • Calorification bottom leg vs top leg
  • Knee bar finish details
  • Knee bar counter to opponents guard retention
  • Knee bar/ sweep from half guard


  • Counter foot lock knee compression
  • Setup into compression
  • The hobbler
  • Compression when opponent rolls out heel hook
  • Calf slicer against turtle
  • Calf slicer off open guard pass
  • Triangle defense
  • Armlock Escape
  • Prevention escaping footlocker
  • Straight arm lock escape
  • Alternate triangle escape
  • Straight knee lock escape
  • Heel hook resistance sweep from half guard
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