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Judo for Self Defense DVD 1


Judo for Self Defense DVD 1

Judo for Self Defense DVD


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Filmed in October 2006 in the Dominican Republic, Judo for Self Defence shows the ideas of four world experts, all of whom incorporate self defence techniques into their judo sessions. It is the third DVD in the IJF Coaching Series, and is introduced by the IJF Education and Coaching Director Yasuhiro Yamashita.

Who Are The Experts?
Noboru Saito, Judo 7th Dan and Karate 6th Dan; Kuniko Takeuchi, Judo 7th Dan, Bahma Fekrat, Judo 7th Dan, Eugene Domagata, Judo 6th Dan. Noboru Sait and Kuniko Takeuchi teach self protection to children in teh USA, Eugene Domagata of france combines judo and jiujitsu training to the mix, and Bahman Fekrat teaches self defence to the Iranian Police Force.

Many people join judo because they want to learn to defend themselves and soon they leave the sport when they realize the gentle martial art doesn't cater for self defense. Each expert's class is accessible individually and can be further accessed by type of defence. Clear demos, including replays, are given by the lecturers and are followed by examples from the IJF participants.

For the first time, you'll learn a multitude of techniques and tactics including self protection, avoidance, escaping, 5-person defense exercise, defenses to grabs, to pushes, to punches, to kicks, strangles, neck grabs and much much more. There's a lot of information to absorb, learn, teach in this DVD.

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