Jeet Kune Do 7 DVD Set by Paul Vunak

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Renowned JKD instructor Paul Vunak instructs a wide variety of JKD arts in this 7 volume set. Contents include:
  • Vol 1: Jun Fan kickboxing V1 - Includes many fundamental kickboxing drills and equipment training developed by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto.
  • Vol 2: Jun Fan kickboxing V2 - Includes advanced sparring techniques and drills for competition and self defense developed by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto.
  • Vol 3: JKD Trapping - Includes trapping from JKD, Wing Chun, Kali, Thai boxing, plus many combative training drills.
  • Vol 4: JKD Wooden dummy training - This video shows how to use the Mook Jong (wooden dummy) to greatly improve your trapping skills.
  • Vol 5: Filipino knife fighting - Includes dynamic knife training drills designed to promote speed, timing, footwork, reflexes, disarms, and more.
  • Vol 6: Filipino stick fighting - Includes drills, self defense, and sparring techniques from single stick, double sticks, stick & dagger, staff, and more.
  • Vol 7: JKD - Paul Vunak attributes video - Features highly specialized training methods which will bring your speed, power, and timing to entirely new levels.

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