Island of Budo: Shito Ryu Kata DVD by Kenzo Mabuni 1


Island of Budo: Shito Ryu Kata DVD by Kenzo Mabuni 1

Island of Budo: Shito Ryu Kata DVD by Kenzo Mabuni


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A masterful and comprehensive treatment of one of the most widespread styles of karate by the son of its founder, Kenzo Mabuni. In addition to the basic techniques it includes: the five principles of defense (Uke no Go Gensoku), the eight directional responses (Tenshin Happo), the five elbow striking methods, ( Hiji Ate Goho), application (Hokei Kumite) and kata Bassai Dai, Shinsei, Chintei, Seipai, Juroku, Shinokosokun, Rohai, Tensho and Seyunchin.

The excellent historical section, excusive interview with the son of the founder of Shito Ryu, and the demonstrations by Teruo Hayashi transform this acknowledged technical masterpiece by Kenzo Mabuni and Hideharu Igaki into a rich educational experience!

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