Infinite Jiu-jitsu: Defensive Power Drills DVD 1 by Carlos Machado

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This instructional DVD series will redefine your perception of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Carlos Machado, one of the most respected instructors in the world, will take you step by step into the subtle nuances of this incredible martial art. In this volume, you will learn what it takes to develop a powerful guard. He believes before submissions and reversals, a student must know how to prevent an opponent from passing the guard. With the addition of defensive drills, Carlos will reveal the details often overlooked when working from the guard. You will also learn some of the flow of techniques that go along with defending from the guard, which will include:

* Countering some of the most dangerous passes
* Three ways to finish from the crucifix
* Proper way to apply the clock choke
* Avoiding the bullfighting pass
* Hook flip against a stand-up pass

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