How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2 by Stephan Kesting & Brandon Mullins Vol 3 (On-demand)

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The mission of this instructional series is to give you the techniques and strategies you need to handle yourself when you’re grappling with a larger, stronger opponent. Everything is geared towards keeping you safe, and having a high-percentage game that you can rely on, even when the person you’re facing outweighs you by many pounds.


Vol 3: Defense & Escape Gameplan

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, and you end up pinned, mounted, and fighting off attacks. On DVD 3 Brandon takes you through his best escapes from the mount, technical mount, the quarter guard, rear mount, rear mount with figure 4′d legs, side mount and the turtle. Get out of trouble and get back in the game!

  1. Defense and Escape Gameplan

  2. Advanced Elbow-Knee Escape vs Mount

  3. Foot Drag Escape

  4. Double-Unders Escape vs Technical Mount

  5. Shrimp and Lift vs Technical Mount

  6. Reguarding from the Quarter Guard

  7. Following the Hand Escape vs Rear Mount

  8. Slow Motion Seoi Nage vs Rear Mount

  9. Escaping Rear Mount in Transition

  10. Somersault Escape vs Rear Body Triangle

  11. Scarola Roll vs Rear Body Triangle

  12. Crossing the Arm Escape vs Rear Body Triangle

  13. Transitional Foot Drag vs Side Mount

  14. Granby Roll vs Side Mount

  15. Other Transitional Escapes vs Side Mount

  16. Bumping to an Armbar vs Side Mount

  17. Pummel Escape vs Side Mount

  18. Turtle Escapes

  19. Escaping in Transition vs North-South

  20. Defending Big Guy Attacks

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Customer Reviews

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Great instructional

I purchased 4 out of 5 Brandon Mullins dvds on how to fight a stronger bigger opponent - Volume 3 focuses on defence - Brandon will show some very well know techniques always with a slightly diffferent aproach/angle wich will help a smaller person oversome some common issues whilst rolling with bigger people. Not only the techs shown works but Brandon is great at explaining them - I highly recommend these series by Mullins