How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2 by Stephan Kesting & Brandon Mullins Vol 2 (On-demand)

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The mission of this instructional series is to give you the techniques and strategies you need to handle yourself when you’re grappling with a larger, stronger opponent. Everything is geared towards keeping you safe, and having a high-percentage game that you can rely on, even when the person you’re facing outweighs you by many pounds.

Vol 2: Guard & Bottom Position Gameplan
Here Brandon takes you through the sweeps, submissions, and transitions of his sophisticated closed guard game. Since filming this material I’ve started using a lot of it in my own personal training (even though I’m bigger than a lot of my training partners) and have found that it works incredibly well.
  1. Guard Game / Bottom Strategy Intro
  2. Stripping Lapel Grips
  3. Stripping Belt Grips
  4. Stripping Sleeve Grips
  5. Dealing with Bicep Control
  6. Breaking Posture from Closed Guard
  7. Intro to Triangle Chokes
  8. Gringo Grip to Triangle Choke
  9. Gringo Grip to Omoplata
  10. Hip Bump Sweep
  11. Hip Bump Sweep Variation
  12. Whizzer to Triangle Choke
  13. Wrist Pin Triangle Choke
  14. Whizzer to Omoplata
  15. Omoplata as Sprawl Counter
  16. Whizzer to Straight Armbar
  17. Double Arm Trap to Triangle Choke
  18. Double Arm Trap to Sweep
  19. Advanced Pendulum Sweep
  20. Pendulum Sweep Recounters
  21. Double Underhook and Leg Bind
  22. Kimura vs Defensive Posture
  23. Belt Drag vs Defensive Posture
  24. Guillotine/Triangle vs Defensive Posture
  25. Defending the Barbosa/San Paulo Pass
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Customer Reviews

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Another great tutorial by Mullins

I've just finished watching this tutorial whose focus is on closed guard bottom attacks - First Mullins goes through grips stripping and explains how to break opponent posture - I particularly liked the whizzer set up to attacks - Also Mullins explains how to counteract some common opponent moves. Highly recommended