How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in Nogi by Stephan Kesting & Emily Kwok Vol 5 (On-demand)

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Without the gi the smaller, weaker person is at a huge disadvantage.

But things don’t need to be this way.  There is hope in no gi, even if you’re fighting a person significantly bigger than yourself.

You just have to know what to do…

How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi is series featuring the no gi techniques, strategies and tactics of multiple-time world champion Emily Kwok working together with Stephan Kesting.


Vol 5: Submission Pathways

This final volume was filmed during a semi-private seminar in which Emily worked on no gi grappling with white, blue, brown and blackbelts. The focus was the techniques, strategies and mindset that take you from the initial tie-up through to finally tapping your opponent out with a match-ending submission.

Emily covers training in pathways so your techniques flow smoothly from one to another, and that you have appropriate reactions to your opponent’s resistance.

A highlight of this volume is watching Emily coach and work with the seminar participants, helping them trouble-shoot and fine-tune their techniques. By being a fly on the wall during this Q&A process, when it comes time for you to use these same techniques on the mat, most of your questions will already have been answered!


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