Hasegawa Eishin Ryu Expanded Series DVD 4: Ukigumo with Roger Wehrhahn

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Welcome to lesson 4 of the 10 lesson Hasegawa Eishin Ryu Expanded series.  In this lesson Ukigumo, is presented from a modified crouching position, (Iai goshi) instead of tate hiza with numerous variations and applications, along with a unique method of applying the kata from standing. This difficult kata is presented with a lot of detail including several escapes from a grabbed sword.
Over the years, I have seen students, and yes, even Instructors stop practicing Iaido because they no longer could perform tate-hiza Kata. This may have been due to injuries or just plain getting older.
This video is meant to remedy that situation and help everyone get back to practicing this beautiful and essential style while at the same time expanding their understanding and the functionality of the style.