Butterfly Guard Re-Discovered 4 DVD Set by Adam Wardinski

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Learn The Self Taught Secrets That Have Allowed Adam Wardzinski To Become The Best Butterfly Guard Player On The Planet – While Training In Poland!


In The Past Year Adam Has Beaten World Champions like Erberth Santos, Muhammed Aly, Isaque Bahniese and ADCC Champ Vinny Magalhaes With His Butterfly Attacks.


Adam Wardzinski doesn’t come from Brazil or the US like almost every elite BJJ athlete on the planet.  He comes from a city you’ve probably never heard of: Poznan, in Poland.


There are no world champions there, it is a normal looking place – not ornate like New York or Paris.  Just a quiet European city.  But… there is a guy there who is using the Butterfly Guard to KILL everyone – at the highest levels.  When you think about it, it is pretty remarkable that someone from a place so out of the way could get so good.  What is even crazier is that he mostly taught himself…  If he could get this good, couldn’t anyone? 


Butterfly guard remains as one of the most effective, explosive, and efficient positions in the world for those who know how to unlock its potential. It’s a perfect way to manage the pressure and weight of someone bigger and it doesn’t take any special skill or attribute like height or flexibility to do, making it a great choice against a wide variety of opponents. The problem is then… how do you sweep or submit from there?   That’s where Adam Wardzinski comes in. As one of Europe’s top black belts, he has spent years mastering this position.


-Join Adam as he takes you from the most basic butterfly fundamentals, through to killer sweeps and submissions that are guaranteed to impress. Learn how to attack all directions with the sweep (while threatening the submission), and see what reactions Adam is creating as he keeps his opponent’s base shifting like quicksand. Every post or readjustment from your partner will just lead them closer to the next attack in your arsenal after you have mastered this instructional!


-Once Adam has taken you through the basics of sweeping from the butterfly, he starts to get really fancy. Find new entries and grips you can attack from, and learn the precise way that Adam finishes his sweeps and why! You won’t believe it’s as effective as it is! Once you’ve mastered how to keep their base shifting, you’ll learn how to pull them in any direction, creating a formula for unstoppable sweeps.


Feeling ‘Lazy’? No Problem!


-Enter the lazy butterfly guard at your own peril! While a good butterfly guard requires a control of space and distance, the lazy butterfly guard instead takes aim at using an opponent’s posts and base to create opportunities to attack. This aggressive and tricky approach to open guard is built on the same principles as a more traditional butterfly, leaving you free to move and flow.


Chain Your Guards Together For Even More Success!


-No guard by itself can work on every problem, but when you are able to connect your attacks together through different positions, you can become a sweeping machine. After his comprehensive technical instruction on how to approach butterfly guard, Adam applies that same methodical perspective to the single leg X. Find out how you can incorporate this into your other attacks, how to sweep them every time, and even some of the trickiest submissions you’ll see this year!


-Easily one of the best parts of this series is Adam’s perspective on the sweep; once he has you controlled, he lets you react and decide how he’ll end up on top. If you post one way, he’ll hook and sweep you out. If you post, he’ll just switch his hips and bring you gently back the other way. Once you pressure in, he drops underneath you, and when you pull back, he’ll trap your leg in a single leg X. After watching this, you’ll never be left without an go to move from your back again.


-Plus much, much more...
You too can unlock one of the sharpest and most effective guards in modern grappling, with this exclusive 4 part video series from Adam Wardzinski. He’s traveled around the world and back, perfecting and rediscovering the modern butterfly, and he’s here to share it with you! With sweep after sweep, submission after submission, and much, much more, this is a can’t miss piece of jiu-jitsu knowledge that has to be seen to be appreciated!