Guard Passing Masterclass DVD by Kit Dale

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Normally your classic guard passing instructional would have someone telling you how to do different techniques, maybe a few for each guard. This one doesn't. My goal is for you to understand WHY a guard pass works and how to achieve the pass from any situation. 

Knowing this will also help you play guard, because you will know what is stopping your training partners from passing and what they are trying to achieve.

In Kit Dale's Guard Passing Masterclass we’re going to show you:

  • How to use 3 simple principles to create a guard pass opening
  • How to build an un-sweepable top game.
  • Simple strategies to make guard passing easier.
  • How to create passes of your own and test them effectively.
  • How to feel comfortable in passing positions you've never been in before (or rarely).
  • Understanding how to make yourself as unpredictable as possible on top and how to read your opponents game.

I have been travelling the world teaching these concepts at various seminars. This is your chance to have my seminar in your living room or on your phone and take the benefits to the mats of your academy. Don't belive me? Hear from a happy customer:

"Hi Kit… hope you’re good man. just wanted to say that since getting your Art of Learning and Guard Passing DVDs last year and really dedicating my training to the ideas and methods that you speak of, I'm progressing faster than anyone else I know (and all whilst working full time,doing a part time masters degree and managing to keep my Mrs sweetl).. It almost feels like I've got some kind of BJJ cheat code,so a massive thank you for the impact you've had on my jiu jitsu! - Paul from California"

In this collection I offer to you all of my knowledge on the topic of guard passing. I am a top player primarily and these concepts have been integral to my success - Kit Dale