Goju Ryu Karate 24 DVD Set by Morio Higaonna

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World chief instructor of Chojun Miyagi's Goju Ryu Karate organization, Morio Higaonna presents the most comprehensive instruction of Goju Ryu ever caught on video.

Vol 1: Warm ups & stretching
Vol 2: Body conditioning
Vol 3: Stances & footwork
Vol 4: Punching techniques
Vol 5: Kicking techniques
Vol 6: Blocking techniques
Vol 7: Kakie (push hands)
Vol 8: Self defense
Vol 9: Sparring
Vol 10: Makiwara training
Vol 11: History vol 1
Vol 12: History vol 2
Vol 13: Gekisai Dai ichi kata
Vol 14: Gekisai dai ni kata
Vol 15: Saifa kata
vol 16: Seiyunchin kata
Vol 17: Shisochin kata
Vol 18: Sanseiru kata
Vol 19: Sepai kata
Vol 20: Kururunfa kata
Vol 21: Sesan kata
Vol 22: Suparinpei kata
Vol 23: Sanchin kata
Vol 24: Tensho kata