Ginastica Natural: Cardio DVD with Alvaro Romano

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On this disc, Alvaro Romano teaches the cardio training of Ginastica Natural.

About Ginastica Natural®
It is a complete body weight training method that develops physical qualities like strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, coordination - resulting in muscle tone; weight-loss and core stability among others and through breathing techniques provides the practitioner with great progress in mental and motor control. Ginastica Natural® was developed in the heart of Brazil, 25 years ago by world-fitness leader Alvaro Romano, adapting ancient techniques, modern and natural to the spirit of women and men in a completely and unique manner. No matter what your age or condition, we developed a program for each stage and condition of your life, following you from childhood to the golden age. A complete training program with specific classes to each moment of life, practiced with the body's own weight - where can be practiced in open-air and in closed-environments like home, studios and clubs. Enthusiasts will improve their quality of life, health and physical conditioning. Athletes overcome limits and improve performance with our recognized programs, tested and approved by renowned athletes in a wide range of modalities.