Full Contact Aikido DVD 1 by Tenzaki Fujisaki

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Learn to apply your Aikido in a free sparring situation!

What is practical Aikido for modern society? Full contact Aikido (Hatenkai) works on this question daily. In this series, two volumes are used to carefully explain the techniques and training system of the association which aims to fuse aikido techniques and strikes with the aim of developing effective self defense techniques.
In the first volume, we will learn the basic techniques, focusing on basic traditional movements.

About the instructor:

After learning traditional Aikido for 11 years, Tenzaki Fujisaki studied Aikido S.A. In addition to working as an instructor, he has won three times and was a one time runner-up in the Real Aikido Championships. After that, he became independent and presided over the full contact Aikido Hatenkai with the aim of pursuing further practical Aikido.

Language: Japanese 

Run Time: 71 min.