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Extreme Shootfighting DVD by Bart Vale 1


Extreme Shootfighting DVD by Bart Vale 1

Extreme Shootfighting DVD by Bart Vale

Paladin Press

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A brutal mix of Thai kickboxing, jujitsu and submission wrestling, Shootfighting is a combat system designed to create a complete fighter: someone unbeatable in both stand-up fighting and groundfighting.

In this hard-hitting video production from Paladin Press, champion shootfighter Bart Vale teaches you the secrets he learned the hard way from some of the most talented fighters in the ring. Vale show the core punches and kicks of Shootfighting and then how to block them using movements that set you up perfectly for the heart of the system: the shoot and takedown. Once you are on the ground, Vale teaches you how to quickly maneuver your opponent into a submission hold that will have him tapping the mat in seconds flat. From there, he shows you how to counter the moves he just taught, turning the tables on your adversary and twisting him into various submission holds. He also teaches a set of single-leg takedowns that will send even the most experienced fighter crashing to the floor.

Don?t limit yourself to just one kind of fighting; take your training to the next level and become a shootfighter.

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