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European Judo Championships 2007 DVD 1


European Judo Championships 2007 DVD 1

European Judo Championships 2007 DVD


$39.95 USD 
No tournament more clearly demonstrates a significant shift in the style and tactics of Judo than this brand new title.   Exclusively from Fighting Films, this DVD is an education into what is now winning medals at the top level in Europe.

The men’s judo is dominated by Eastern Europe with pick-up techniques, sacrifice throws and leg-grabs being the major techniques in most matches.    Meanwhile the women’s tournament is again being dominated by the French.  See their combination of beautiful judo and flawless tactics, which brings them a finalist in five of the seven categories.

Non-stop action.  Over two hours long, the DVD shows the story of each category, flashback footage from previous tournaments, musical judo sequences, and multiple slow-motion replays of all the big moments.

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